Joseph Brooks - composer and rapist is dead

Published: May 24, 2020

Oscar winning composer Joseph Brooks, most noted for the song You Light Up My Life, popular in the 70s, was found dead in his Manhattan home by a friend on Sunday afternoon.

With a son facing trial for murder, the imminent repossession of his home, and about to go on trial for the rape of 11 young women and on 82 accounts of sexual abuse, it’s not difficult to understand why the 73-year-old musician might have stuck his head in a plastic dry cleaning bag, connected it to a helium tank with a tube, breathed in a few times and quietly bowed out. Such poltroonary is quite sickening. It’s bad enough subjecting these women to such a despicable act, but being too cowardly to take responsibility for what you have done, well, that just rankles me a little.

Joseph Brooks collecting his award for 'Biggest Rapist'.

Harsh words you might say, don’t speak ill of the dead blah blah blah, but I think it’s pretty hard to feel anything other than relief that the old pervert is dead. He clearly used his status as a lure for foolish actresses eager for their big break, not realising that the only things that would be broken were their hymen, their ability to trust another human being, and possibly the idea of forming a healthy relationship for the rest or most of their lives. Rape does that to a kid, I’m told.

Of course, he might not have been guilty of these nefarious crimes and sexual peccadilloes, but killing yourself is generally tantamount to an admission of guilt. Or he might have been so disappointed by the bogus non-event that was Judgement Day that he decided to go to hell anyway.

Police have said that he did leave a suicide note. Probably something in ‘A’ minor, but the contents have yet to be divulged.

The only sympathy that I have goes to the young women who not only suffered the horror and indignity of being raped, but who are also robbed of their right to see their abuser rightly punished. The stigma that his close family must now carry also warrants sympathy. What a legacy to leave your children!

Help is at hand for rape and sexual abuse victims.

According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), someone is sexually assaulted in the US every two minutes. Sadly, 60% of these attacks go unreported to the police due to the stigma attached to being a rape victim and because rape trials are notoriously long, insensitive and intrusive, which means that 15 out of 16 rapists will never spend a day in jail, which almost makes it too easy.

Victims – please don’t let these crimes go unreported.

Other celebrities who have been accused of sexual offenses include: Woody Allen, Michael Jackson, Julian Assange and Mike Tyson. Famous people seem to think their status instantly grants them immunity to law and punishment.

I’d say rest in peace Joseph Brooks, but my words might lack sincerity. We lost another rapist. I just felt the world get lighter. C’est la vie.

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