Joss Stone Failed Kidnap Attempt: Men Appear in Court

Published: July 15, 2020

Just a month after British singer Joss Stone was at the centre of a murder conspiracy the two men arrested in conjunction with the case have appeared in court for a preliminary hearing.

Stone is said to be fine since the bizarre story came to light in June when two men were arrested on suspicion of plotting to rob and kill the soul singer in her native Devon village.

Joss Stone: happy to be kidnap victim.

British police seized the men, Junior Bradshaw (30) and Kevin Liverpool (33) from Manchester after they were found in possession of some rope, a samurai sword and sketchy notes which contained the 24-year-old singer’s name; all in their shopping car.

The plot sounds like something from a bad Guy Ritchie film with bungling criminals hatching a plan to kidnap and ransom a celebrity in order to get rich quick and abscond to who knows where to live a life of relaxation and joy in the sun.

We all know things never turn out that way because the low class criminals are always the fall guys. Choosing a Fiat Punto as the abduction vehicle tells us all we need to know about these two men; they were desperate, poor and misguided clowns at best.

British Police wonder who Joss Stone is and why anyone would want to kidnap her.

As far as pleas go both men kept silent at the preliminary hearing and they will now remain in custody until October 24th when they face the charges at a court in Exeter.

Joss Stone, valued at an estimated £9m, is putting the incident behind her and “getting on with life as normal” in the meantime which means we can expect to hear another overrated album to follow on from her 2004 Mind, Body and Soul from her soon.

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