Michael Phelps did not let ADHD stop him

Published: December 08, 2020

Doctors diagnosed Michael Phelps with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder when he was in fifth grade due to some of his behavioral changes. These included disturbing other children and not sitting quietly and focusing on schoolwork. After being a confirmed ADHD, Michael started consuming prescription medication called Ritalin.

He continued his dosage to improve his grades, but was not very successful.

The fact that he has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder leaves many surprised at how this man has such a focus on his sport. According to USA Today, Phelps’ mother said: “Michael’s ability to focus amazes me.“

Amazing it is indeed, considering the boy who used to be benched during swimming class went on to win eight Olympic gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

When teachers told her he couldn’t focus, she didn’t want to believe them at first because of his determination when he was practicing or competing in swim meets.

“He never sat still. He never shut up; he would never stop asking questions,” she said.

“He just wanted to go from one thing to another.

“He might be rocking on the kickboard as he’s waiting to swim, but he knows what he wants to do.”

During his school days, Michael was an attention seeker and he used to talk without even thinking once. His teachers used to call him an immature guy because he used to disturb other students while studying. Michael was never interested in studies and all this emerged as a root cause for his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The kind of disorder Michael experienced is known as hyper focusing where he cannot think about anything else except swimming because of his love for this sport.

At the tender age of ten, he got national rankings for his excellent swimming talent and he decided to make his career in swimming only. He received many accolades for his Olympic performance, which made him a household name.

Other celebrities who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD include Will SmithMichael Phelps and Jim Carrey.

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Author: Karen Blaha

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One Response to “Michael Phelps did not let ADHD stop him”

  1. Carl Hartman

    28. Sep, 2011

    Focus? You morons! (Particularly teachers)

    Focus is what we do best! How stupid, he didn’t have a lack of focus. give me 5 minutes with him and I’ll prove it.

    Given the right teacher, he would finish his work before the other students and want more work or move on. That is not lack of focus, that is processing faster than the other kids and being smarter than the other kids.

    Ummmm. My wife is a psychotherapist that specializes in adult ADD/ADHD. With at least 25% of the population that have this magnificent super power, 25% is way beyond normal. Fact is, we are the normal ones. We think faster and achieve more. You “normal” ones are the ones that need treated for your immense lack of creativity. You all have CDD.

    I had a teacher that thought my son was “slow” and an underachiever in math. She wanted to hold him back because in her world he got “Fs” on his papers. Yet, when they gave him a standardized math test he scored highest in the class. - They thought he cheated and gave him the test again and he scored higher still!

    He would only complete 5 questions on a 30 question homework assignment. So, she would fail him. I asked this moron they called a teacher, how many were wrong. NONE! — You see, he didn’t need 30 questions to demonstrate he was brilliant at math, just 5. My question to her “What is the purpose of the test” She said, “to master the material” — So, he mastered the material in 5 questions and not 30, I’d say that was amazing. He achieved the goal. The goal was not to complete 30 questions, but learn the material.

    Of course! These kids don’t have lack of focus, they are bored with the material, have mastered it and want to move on. That is not broken! That is not slow! That is not stupid! — They are the smart ones. There is NO DEFICIT!

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