The Pritikin Principle Diet

Published: January 15, 2021

Some of the foods that are preferred in the diet include oats, apples, squash, brown rice, onions, barley, pears, strawberries, dark green lettuces, bananas, potatoes and beans. The Pritikin Principle Diet is all about eating healthy as well as regular exercise. Stress reduction techniques will also become a part of your lifestyle. Dieters are advised to select foods that are not calorie dense because such food items will give the freedom to eat more.

The Pritikin Principle Diet clearly distinguishes between low-density and high-density foods, which helps in slashing the few extra pounds. The diet includes only 10% fat along with low fat products including non-vegetarian food. This diet is designed to lower cholesterol and stabilize the blood sugar in order to control diabetes. Some of the benefits of this vegetable-based diet are as follows:

  • It offers a wide variety of food choices to the dieters
  • It does not restrict the intake of carbohydrates and whole grains
  • It allow the dieters to consume sugar, and starch in moderate amounts
  • It is not about counting calories every day to monitor the weight
  • It allows you to eat throughout the day with special focus on snacking to avoid hunger
  • It allows you to consume lean meats and dairy products

The Pritikin Principle Diet is designed for those who want a change in lifestyle by modifying eating habits to lose weight gradually. Eating three meals along with two snacks is what works in this diet.

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