Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia and accidental drug overdose

Published: February 04, 2021

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has verified the cause of death of young actress Brittany Murphy to be a combination of pneumonia and prescription medication. This fits with the claims the Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack, and mother made immediately following her death, claiming she wasn’t feeling well and presented flu-like symptoms in the days leading up to her death.

According to another contributing factor in her death was anemia, an iron deficiency. Following the long-awaited toxicology report, the LA County Coroner’s Office has ruled the death an accident. claims to have exclusive knowledge of the medications Brittany had consumed, obtained from a source that leaked the information. The toxicology report allegedly found the following medications:

Klonopin (for anxiety), Carbamazepine  (diabetic symptoms), Ativan (anxiety), Vicoprofen (pain killer), Hydrocodone (pain killer), Topamax (anti-seizure drug, also taken to prevent migraines) and many more.

Brittany died on December 20, 2009. Her mother called paramedics after she found her daughter unresponsive in the shower. She was pronounced dead on arrival at a Los Angeles hospital.

Read our complete coverage about Brittany Murphy’s death, including her reports about her diabetes and heart problem.

Other celebrities who died surprisingly in the last year include Stephen GatelyCasey JohnsonAdam Goldstein, Justin Mentell and Michael Jackson.


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