Model Ana Carolina Reston died of anorexia aged 21

Published: March 30, 2020

Fashion model Ana Carolina Reston was one individual who suffered from anorexia and died aged 21. Her death was attributed to generalized infection caused by anorexia. As per the media reports, Ana weighed only 88 pounds when she succumbed to anorexia.

Reston’s mother, Miriam, got an indication long before that her daughter Ana had started acquiring eating disorders when she started saying ‘no’ to meals. Miriam was quoted by The Washington Post as saying: “I noticed something was wrong when she returned from Japan. She (Ana) was too thin when she returned and when I told her to eat something, she would say: ‘Mom please don’t fight with me; there is nothing wrong with me, I’m fine’.”

The model’s cousin told the Washington Post that Reston also battled bulimia which is an eating disorder characterized by recurrent binge eating followed by defensive vomiting. Ana Carolina acquired an extreme fear of becoming fat.

Shocked at the premature death of her daughter, Reston’s mother Miriam was quoted by the O Globo newspaper as advising other mothers whose children are suffering from eating disorders: “Take care for your children because their loss is irreparable.” She added, “Nothing can make the pain go away. No money in the world is worth the life of your child.”

Ana Carolina Reston Macan was a Brazilian fashion model who started her modeling career at a tender age of 13, after winning a beauty contest in her hometown. She was associated with some renowned modeling agencies like Elite, Ford and L’Equipe in various countries like China, Japan, Mexico and Turkey. She acquired fame after her appearance in Giorgio Armani ad campaigns.

Some celebrities who have battled anorexia include Kate BeckinsaleCalista Flockheart,Courtney Thorne-Smith and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz.


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    Model Ana Carolina Reston died of anorexia aged 21 – Celebrities … [...]

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    its so terrible to be brain washed in to thinking you’re too fat as where you are sooooo rail thin. at the end she was only 88 pounds in her five feet 6?? outragous!!!

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