Sensa weight loss products are another false hope

Published: April 11, 2020

If obesity is a disease of the body and society, then a by-product of this modern sickness is the frantic drive to get a ‘safe’ weight loss pill on the market. Whether ethical or not many companies have tried and failed to get a safe drug in the public domain, cashing in on the vulnerability of the afflicted sufferers.

The latest case to come to light is that of Sensa Products.

The U.S. District Court in San Francisco has filed a suit against Sensa Products for their misguiding claims about weight loss ‘sprinkles’ which according to their creator, Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, promote weight loss without the need for a change in lifestyle or eating habits.

Sensa's claims are not scientifically based

Hirsch, a broad-certified neurologist; not a dietician, states that his crystals work by confusing the part of the brain which controls ‘satiety’, in other words it supposedly convinces the brain that the consumer is full and no longer wants to eat.

Sensa isn’t selling the product as new-age medicine or an organic alternative, but Jeanette McClendon of Contra Costa County, California has accused Hirsch of quackery, calling him a “particularly sophisticated hustler, one with a medical degree and a thick stack of junk science to support the claim his magic crystals are ‘clinically proven.’”

Hirsch is basically a proponent of the pseudo-science movement; using word of mouth and privately conducted research to conjure up conclusions which can only be contested after they’ve been published, as opposed to open science which is taken from theory to conclusion via research, critiques and refinement.

The outcome for Sensa Products is that the suit filed against them states they have violated various Californian laws, especially those concerned with false advertising and unfair business practises.

Like many other companies, even those with a strong reputation for delivering ‘quality’ products, weight loss pills are the Golden Fleece. The FDA has rebutted three applications for weight loss pills in the last year, including Qnexa and Orexigen.

The truth is that if people want to lose weight safely and healthily, a pill is not the answer. There is no secret to weight loss; healthy food and exercise are the only solution to a growing problem in an age where sugary foods, chemical enhancements and false health claims are rife.

Dr. Hirsch is way off the mark if he thinks people can continue to live the same way and still lose weight with a few sprinkles of magic crystals. No; the only answer is to cut out sugar, white flour products, pasta and white rice as well as dairy products and red meat – especially those that have been radiation treated or contain ‘E’ numbers.

More organic, green vegetables are most important along with fresh, organic fruit. Drinks can be sweetened with fruit juices, honey or dates. Out go foods like pizza, potato chips and other baked goods which contain acrylamide that is known to cause cancer.

There is no easy way out, no quick fix or magic potion to get the weight off; only better living on better quality food and exercise which will lead to a happier way of life.

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