Google Motion will make the office of the future more like a gymnasium

Published: April 01, 2020

Google have been innovators and forward thinkers since their inception but a breakthrough in motion capture technology has led them to release a BETA version of Google Motion called Gmail Motion, a system which allows you to open, read and compose emails without the need of a mouse or keyboard.


The technology uses your computer’s camera to read your gestures and convert them into words or actions.


Here we see happy staff enjoying Google Motion

Google say the possibilities are almost limitless and while the list of poses and gesticulations may seem daunting at first, they have been designed intuitively so that users can quickly draft emails without the risk of developing RSI – one of the leading contributors to lost working hours.


So Gmail Motion can not only make your staff more efficient but it’s also a great form of exercise; similar to Nintendo’s philosophy with the Wii design. Having staff using Google Motion will definitely lead to a leaner, fitter and happier work force, and that can only be a good thing for bosses.


Innovative motions highlighted so far include a kind of page opening gesture which will ‘open’ your email while pointing a thumb over your shoulder will tell the browser to go ‘back’, not procure you a lift from a passing stranger.


Google say they’ll be continually updating the software and are extremely excited about the future of Gmail and Google Motion with further applications. There has been talk of a ‘Google movie maker’ which will allow users to write scripts, shoot films, direct, edit, produce and publish; all using Google Motion. Imagine the fun you’d have conjuring up the next Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


All in all the future of technology looks to put the user in a much more interactive role and kinetic control methods can only lead to a healthier world, especially if Google also implement Motion Consumerism which will allow you to purchase healthy food online through Google endorsed distributors and have it delivered to the office without the need for a walk down the high street, queuing unnecessarily and losing valuable ‘you’ time.


This latest technological development leads to an exciting future and Google foresees great changes in the working environment, where people will spend their days being highly productive while getting a fantastic all round aerobic workout. Gone are the days of weight inducing office chairs and hours of bored drudgery, in comes the work gym – a breeding ground for happy bosses, healthy bodies and productive staff.


See the video for Gmail Motion here:

See the new Chromercise range too - get those fingers working for you:

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