Moderate stress helps in brain development of foetus

Published: April 13, 2020

A recent study has revealed that moderate maternal stress during the time of pregnancy is good for the development of foetus. According to, the team of researchers studied about 112 healthy women all in the third trimester of pregnancy.

These women were asked about the level of stress in their lives and the movements of the foetus were recorded. It was found that babies of the women who had moderately higher levels of stress than others in their lives during the period of pregnancy, were more active in the womb. The study was conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University, Maryland.

As per, the findings also revealed that these kids scored more when they were put through a test called brain muturation test two weeks after their birth. In addition, these babies also recorded for a better control over their bodies and their movements.  However, the researchers also found that these babies were slightly more irritable than those who were lesser active.

“The stress hormone cortisol plays a role in brain maturation, which may help explain the result” explained Janet DiPietro, lead researcher. Child Development, a child health journal, published the research study.

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