A disease lurks Byangoland

Published: April 18, 2020


It’s a terrible disease and it’s spreading very fast. The symptoms are pronounced. It is known to make humans contort their faces, sometimes even expose their teeth. Bodies shake violently with strange sounds coming from the lips. It has been there since the time of plague but no one noticed it till it claimed its first victim in several years in the Eastern state of Byangoland last week.

According to records, the victim was a 50-year-old chemistry professor. First, the local quacks tried to beat the virus out of the body but nothing worked. The doctors had to intervene. They took him and his 74-year-old neighbour to the local hospital to surgically remove a bone which causes and spread this dangerous malaise. The operation lasted several hours through the night. They were released the next day but there are apprehensions that they haven’t been fully cured and might infect others. They have been put under observation.

Meanwhile the virus seems to be making its way to several other humans through their computers and cell phones. Advisories have been sent, warnings have been issued. This virus is a deadly one, it breaks through firewalls, it seeps through conversations, it tempts you to like, share and even post it.

It mutates into a bigger virus which makes humans think, destroying the antibodies of fear and sycophancy. Could it be the very end of Byangoland?- Doctors wonder.

Toy-soldiers have been dispatched to monitor the germ of the virus and strangle them with wires. But the virus is multiplying fast. It was last seen making humans do unspeakable things like singing songs, writing on broadsheets, spraying paint on walls, holding posters, gritting teeth and courting arrests.

But the brave doctors of Byangoland have vowed to find a vaccine soon. According to sources, it is likely to be a concoction of silence, fear and hatred and if everything else fails they will go to each house and surgically remove the bone. After all, Byangoland must be saved at all costs, laughter must be removed, no more jokes on humans please…

Article source: http://ibnlive.in.com/blogs/priyankagupta/1324/63392/a-disease-lurks-byangoland.html

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