Vitamin D helps fight respiratory problems

Published: June 24, 2020

A recently conducted study has revealed that regular sun exposure helps fight respiratory problems including influenza. According to, vitamin D whose natural source is sunlight exposure increases body’s resistance against respiratory problems. The study has been conducted by the team of researchers at the  Yale University School of Medicine and Greenwich Hospital. The study also mentioned the amount of vitamin D which should be maintained in the body which is 38 nanograms per mililiter or above. The scientists of the study are pondering over the fact that perhaps the reason behind people living in sunnier climates getting affected by influenza virus is higher exposure to sunlight.

As reported by, the research study was carried out on 198 healthy people. the bloos samples of these participants were regularly checked to measure the amount of vitamin D in the body using 25-hydroxyvitamin D test. it was found that out of the 180 people with less than 38 ng/ml vitamin D, 45 percent of people reported of viral infections. Whereas people with higher amounts of vitamin D reported lesser ill conditions.  “It is true that level 38 is just a little about what you should have to be considered in the sufficient range,” explained Dr. James R. Sabetta, lead researcher. However, researchers maintained that further research requires to be done on the subject. The research study recently got published in the  journal called PloS ONE.

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