Did Macaulay Culkin father Blanket?

Published: August 31, 2020

They appeared to be best friends. Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin seemed inseparable during their friendship, which received particularly much media attention during the 1990s when information surfaced the King of Pop (then in his 30s) and the child star (still a young teenager) even slept in the same bed together at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Jackson, who has had his share of child abuse allegations and scandals, was defended by Culkin, today 29, who took the stand during Jackson’s trial in defense of the singer.

Culkin and Jackson

Culkin and Jackson in the early 1990s

New rumours have now made their way into the world, perhaps highlighting just how close the bond was between Jackson and Culkin. According to sources, as published by Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Macaulay Culkin donated sperm, which was used to impregnate an anonymous surrogate who gave birth to Blanket Jackson in 2002, when Culkin was just 22 years old.

Whether this is indeed true still needs to be confirmed.

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Photo taken from Flickr, provided by culkin.macaulay.

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