Lindsay Lohan and her eating disorder rollercoaster

Published: February 01, 2021

Finally coming clean to rumors of suffering from an eating disorder, Lindsay admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair in 2006 that she suffered from bulimia.

“I was sick, everyone was scared,” she told the magazine. “And I was scared too. I had people sit me down and say, ‘You’re going to die if you don’t take care of yourself’.”

She spoke about her bulimia, which she did not realize was so bad at the time, actually left her screaming in pain, and affected other parts of her body.

“I started getting these shooting head pains, where I would wake up in the middle of the night,” she said.  “I kid you not, I was lying in that bed and I never heard someone scream so loud. I was screaming, throwing things, because the pains were so intense in my head, like someone was stabbing me in my head.”

The actress was brought to hospital with a kidney infection and an enlarged liver.

“I ended up in hospital,” quotes the actress as saying. “My liver was swollen and I had a kidney infection and my white blood cells were accelerated. I was really, really white, like a ghost, and my legs were so numb from not walking. My body did not have enough strength to take a shower.”

“I was making myself sick,” she continues. “Sometimes being that thin doesn’t look healthy. I kind of didn’t realize that.”

However, just weeks after her apparent bulimia confession made media rounds, the actress denied she was suffering from an eating disorder, putting it all down to a “phase” she went through. quotes the star as saying: “I will say that I went through a phase. I lost weight when I was in the hospital, and then I wanted to keep it off.”

The skinny frame she sported four years ago has now returned, and many are left wondering whether the young star, who has also battled addictions to alcohol and drugs – for which she has also been to rehab – is again suffering from an eating disorder.

Lindsay, 23, is having none of it. “I like the way I look. I’m not starving myself, contrary to popular belief. I’m criticized when I’m too heavy or too thin,” reports the star as saying in an interview in mid-2009.

Whether she is suffering from an eating disorder is neither here nor there: while to many it seems obvious the troubled actress is once again losing control over her life, it seems clear to Lindsay this is just another public media storm she will have to ride out. And it certainly isn’t the first one, after her story with entering rehab for drug and alcohol addictions. After everything she’s been through, she feels she is in a position to help others.

“You have to learn for yourself and you have to hit rock bottom sometimes to get yourself back up to the top,” quotes the actress as saying. “Going through sh- makes me that much stronger. [And] I’m in a place where I can really make an impact on people and really help … people with anorexia. I can change that a little bit. I’m not encouraging going out and getting a fake ID and going off the deep end and having an eating disorder. I’m saying, if you at least admit those kinds of things, that that might happen, then they don’t feel the urge to go out and do that.”

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  2. I think Lindsay may have had an eating disorder as it is something that she herself can be in control of, while the rest of her life is totally out of control!

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