Scientists find out new blood pressure regulating proteins

Published: July 28, 2020

A research at the University of Pittsburgh School has revealed the important elements that help the body in regulating the blood pressure, says a report published in The research has been conducted by Jeffrey S. Isenberg, Eileen M Bauer and their colleagues and has found out a way to understand the body blood pressure in a better way. The pathway discovered by the researchers involves signaling with the help of nitric oxide signaling.

Endothelium cells in the blood vessels make NO.¬† If the production of NO is low along with dysfunction of endothelium cells, cardiovascular diseases develop in the body, giving rise to hypertension. According to, the researchers found out a protein named thrombospondin-1 and its receptor CD47. The protein along with its receptor created obstruction in the activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase. ¬†This leads to obstruction in the production of NO and blood vessels do not relax and thus the blood pressure drops. Mark T. Gladwin, M.D., director of the Vascular Medicine Institute said that “Furthermore, drugs that block this pathway have the potential to restore nitric oxide levels and may be useful for the treatment of high blood pressure and other vascular diseases.”

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  1. Maya

    01. Aug, 2010

    According to this article, Nitric Oxide production could be the key to blood pressure control. My grandfather uses a device called the Zona Plus that lowers blood pressure naturally by increasing Nitric Oxide production in the bloodstream. Maybe the key to lowering blood pressure has already been discovered… and it is not a drug!

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