Stem cell technology turns skin cells to liver cells

Published: August 25, 2020

Stem cell therapy has worked once again; this time to convert skin cells to liver cells, says a health report published in According to the findings of a research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers have used the skin cells of patients with metabolic diseases and with the help of stem cell technology, changed them into liver cells. With the help of this research, the scientists will be able to experiment with different treatments on an infected liver cell and will be able to know what exactly the problem with it is. If the liver cells function properly, patients who have liver diseases can get them transplanted in their bodies.

The research report in has come after eh research was done by the scientists at the University of Cambridge. Liver disorders were too much challenging as it is impossible to grow the liver cells in a lab. A range of liver disorders will now be treated when the researchers have found a way out to develop stem cells in a lab. Cell based therapies will now become more easy and the doctors will be able to deliver customize and tailored treatments for their patients. According to Dr Ludovic Vallier, University of Cambridge, “Our work represents an important step towards delivering the clinical promises of stem cells. However, more work remains to be done and our group is dedicated to achieving this ultimate goal by increasing the knowledge necessary for the development of new therapies.”

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