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Why obesity shouldn’t figure in Chris Christie’s presidential campaign


Chris Christie has openly admitted to struggling with his weight as well as asthma but should that really be a barrier to him becoming the next American leader?

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Bristol Palin in homophobic PR setback


If it’s not Sarah Palin with her foot firmly planted in her mouth, it’s young, single mom, Bristol Palin bringing the family name into disrepute.

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Ashley Turton killed in car blaze


News has emerged this morning that Washington energy lobbyist and former Capitol Hill aide Ashley Turton, 37, was horrifically killed on Monday

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The Sarah Palin gaffe that led to death


When we elect a political figure it is with the hope that they are responsible enough to take care of us, the voters; the little people who keep the economy alive, so when Sarah Palin used crosshairs to symbolise the reclamation of key political areas, you have to wonder just how ‘responsible’ she really is.

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