Diana at 50: Princess kept alive by sick media

Published: July 03, 2020

In a controversial and frankly quite risible and sickening move, Newsweek has reincarnated Princess Diana to feature on its  most recent cover, showing in a rather creepy digital mock up what Princess Diana would look like today, if she hadn’t been harassed to death by people just like themselves.

In their rather sad attempt at grasping for ratings the magazine portrays Diana looking more like Margaret Thatcher or a Spitting Image puppet of herself, rather than the supposedly beautiful princess. It must be nice for her sons to see how Diana would have looked if she hadn’t been fatally wounded, leaving them motherless. A touching tribute to the woman who would have turned 50 tomorrow, the image shows the Photoshopped Princess standing next to her would-be daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, and the corresponding article speculates on what the Princess would be Tweeting, what would be on her Facebook page, and who she’d be dating. I’m forming a suicide contagion for the day when members of the royal family start opening Twitter accounts. Who’s in?

Princess Diana with Prince Charles & Camilla

Charles and Camilla help Princess Diana celebrate her 50th.

It’s kind of distasteful don’t you think? It all seems a bit News of the World (British gutter trash red top known for its offish journalism and IQ-less readership).

Even the LA Times website has run a poll to find out how, on a scale of somewhat- to horribly inappropriate, the image and supporting feature is. With a 71% majority finding the cover inappropriate. And that’s LA.

Maybe next week’s crass stunt will feature a mock up of what the world’s favorite royal really looks like today. Seems tasteless enough and is sure to shift magazines from shelves.

Newsweek runs tasteless Princess Diana at 50 image

Princess Diana at 50 image published by Newsweek

The Daily Mail online has also run the same article, which was written by Tina Brown, Editor-in-Chief at Newsweek, and biographer of the rather cheap and trashy The Diana Chronicles, and who clearly doesn’t think she has  milked enough out of the royal cash cow just yet.

According to Newsweek, whose sales during this quarter are apparently down, the cover and feature have sparked conversation.

I’m not a Princess Diana fan. I wasn’t before she died and I didn’t convert in order to participate in the tacky communal grieving for the dead woman, but she has been dead and buried for 14 years so please media, give her family some peace and demonstrate a little decency. The royals are a great tradition whose longevity is already dubious, they deserve a little more respect than this.

If you have thoughts on the media’s treatment of the Royal Family, please chuck them in the regal comments section below:

Images: thenextweb.com, nydailynews.com, flickr.com.

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