Elton John trades in glasses for clear vision

Published: February 23, 2021

Famous musician Elton John is among the famous Lasik surgery beneficiaries who now enjoys a better vision. To correct his poor vision, Elton decided to take the help of Lasik surgery in 2003. Now after the surgery, he does not trouble himself with problematic glasses, unless they belong to his stage outfit.

Elton John was initially recognized for his outrageous dressing sense and spectacles, however with time and a change in the fashion scene, his style of dressing and his personal taste changed.

Lasik surgery, as it is called, is a procedure that only takes approximately 10 minutes per eye. It is the most modern and precise type of eye surgery to correct sight.

hrough a glass surface the eye is treated with ultra-short laser impulses in which only the most outer layer of the cornea is penetrated. The separates the eye’s outer layer tissues from each other, allowing the surgeon to pull back the outer most layer.

Once this is done, the corrective laser treatment may begin. An Excimer laser is used for this part of the procedure, which shapes the cornea in order to achieve perfect vision. It spends a maximum of 60 seconds per eye. After this procedure is done, the outermost layer of the eye is folded back to cover it. Then the same procedure is repeated on the other eye. The best thing about Lasik is that patients retain the perfect vision they receive through the surgery for the rest of their lives.

Better known as Sir Elton John, this great musician and song writer still has a strong hold in the world’s pop music industry. Being in the music world for 40 long years, Elton John has many awards to his credit like Grammy Awards, Golden Globe award and Academy Award. Elton with his social instinct always raised his voice against HIV AIDS and has always been an active part of various AIDS awareness campaigns. John’s expertise in playing musical instruments is commendable and he plays instruments like the Piano and keyboards accompanied by his soulful and mesmerizing vocal abilities.

Other celebrities who have undergone  Lasikprocedures include Brad PittTiger Woods, Michael Bolton and Nicole Kidman.

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