Barry Manilow swears by Lasik surgery

Published: February 25, 2021

Barry Manilow is one of many to be treated by Dr. Maloney, a Lasik guru who has treated many famous celebrities. After his procedure, Barry was happy to give a testimonial of his experience for the website.

“I was nervous before the procedure, but I wouldn’t be again. It was quick, painless and simple. The staff made me feel totally at ease,” he said.

“On the afternoon of the procedure, I had a costume fitting and two meetings with musicians. On the following two days, I had two photo sessions. It never even slowed me down.

“I can wholeheartedly recommend LASIK for anyone who wants to throw away their glasses or contact lenses.”

Lasik surgery, as it is called, is a procedure that only takes approximately 10 minutes per eye. It is the most modern and precise type of eye surgery to correct sight.

An Excimer laser is used for this part of the procedure, which shapes the cornea in order to achieve perfect vision. It spends a maximum of 60 seconds per eye. There are generally no risks involved with this procedure.

Barry Manilow had Lasik surgery back in 1996.

Other celebrities who have undergone Lasik include Brad PittNicole Kidman, Michael Bolton and Tiger Woods.


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