Michael Douglas’ rep slams claims actor has only three months to live

Published: November 04, 2020

The National Enquirer recently hit the stands with a shocking picture of Michael Douglas looking frail and gaunt, suggesting that the cancer-stricken actor ‘s health has taken a turn for the worse and that he only has three months to live.

Now Allen Burry, a representative for the actor, has spoken out against this and similar reports, telling GossipCop.com the speculation is “really disgusting”. Burns went on to say that Douglas is far from dying, and Douglas himself has said that he “will kick this thing”.

The Wall Street actor was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer during the summer and recently completed a gruelling eight-week course of chemotherapy and radiotherapy on a tumor in his throat.

One of the side effects of the aggressive treatment is that the Hollywood veteran has lost his sense of taste. But he clearly hasn’t lost his sense of spirit, saying that he can’t wait to enjoy a good glass of his favorite alcoholic tipple when he beats his cancer: “A lot of my energy has gone and I have increased soreness in my mouth. But overall I feel good. And I’m rather looking forward to enjoying a good glass of wine when I get my taste buds back again.”

Michael, who has said he does not want sympathy, has been defying the ravages of cancer, continuing to walk his 7-year-old daughter Carys to school and visiting his son Cameron, 31, who has been sentenced to five years in jail for drug charges.

Find out more about throat cancer. Celebrities who have battled throat cancer include George Harrison of the Beatles.

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6 Responses to “Michael Douglas’ rep slams claims actor has only three months to live”

  1. julie

    30. Apr, 2012

    Hemp oil is the cure n Micheal Douglas did take it. Catherine zeta Jones has a break down when he was cured, come on get real, she knew. It’s all hushed up, WHY, because of money, that’s why. Who gives the government the right to ban a plant that is mentioned in the Bible. There are other plants that are mentioned in the Bible, are these banned………NO. Say no more, do your research before you judge. Micheal Douglas n his wife are as dishonest as can be and deserve each other. Rick Simpson is a legend

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  2. Albert Wilkinson

    07. Feb, 2011

    I live in Nova Scotia Canada, here in a Town called Springhill, lives a man who Cures ;CANCER of all types, if you go to the website http://www.phoenixTears.ca you can open the messgae “Run from the CURE” and be surprised, why Michael Douglas hasn’t been told of this I will never know, he should be told, and so should other sufferers, the Govt. doesn’t want this known, because of the Big Money Loss to the Medical Profession, Surgeons, Drs. Pill Makers & The IRS. Time to let people know about this “HEMP OIL”

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  3. henry

    23. Dec, 2010

    in 45 days of natural treatment, i can help you michael to kill the cancer or leukemia, if is not to late!!!

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  4. Mary Jo

    06. Nov, 2010

    I’m a writer who worked on a new health book called Accidental Cure. The book’s main author is Dr. Simon Yu who discovered parasites that cause cancer. The information is hard to disseminate because cancer is a business. There are drugs and herbs (mentioned in the book pp. 118-125) that kill the parasites (I sent copies of the book to Michael Douglas’ agent and his wife Catherine’s publicist).

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  5. ban pan can

    05. Nov, 2010

    If the therapy mentioned above really worked……the world (Michael included) would certainly know about it. People who post things like this do more bad than good. The last thing Michael needs right now is to doubt the course of action he and his Doctors are taking. Think positive!! Do not instill doubt with false claims!!

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  6. Alice

    05. Nov, 2010

    If you google “burning seawater” it will take you to an inventor who invented a gold nano-particle therapy that directs gold nano-particles to attach to only the cancer cells which are then exposed to radio frequency therapy that destroys only the cancer, not affecting normal cells. Somebody tell Micheal Douglas about this as I don’t know how to reach him. Thanks, Alice Alspektor

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