Lobster shell may help treat paralysis

Published: April 18, 2020

A recently developed treatment may help treat brain damaged and paralyzed patients. According to www.express.co.uk, the treatment is based on lobster shells as well as shells of other sea creatures.  The treatment mainly incorporates the sugar component of the crustacean shells which have been found to be helpful in the cure of injured spinal cords.

Apparently, scientists consider this new prospective treatment as a most exciting and remarkable development to deal with brain and spinal cord injuries post world war second.

As reported by www.sci-news.blogspot.com, this treatment is being designed to completely eradicate the injuries rather than just reducing the damage caused. During the treatment, sugar content is diluted with the sterile water which is then injected into bloodstreams. Following which, the solution is then transported to the injured part of spinal cord where it jabs out holes in nerve cells. The treatment was firstly tested on the guinea pigs whose spinal cord is found to be very similar to the spinal cord of human beings.

Christopher Reeve

“This is not like a drug which may work in some species and not in others. This is a mechanical effect. The sugar molecules migrate to the nerve injury target and repair the injured area, not the undamaged area.” Said Richard Borgens, pioneer of the treatment.

‘Superman’ actor Christopher Reeve was left paralyzed after a horse riding accident.

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Published April 18, 2020 by Harsh in Health News
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