Diabetes a disorder, not a disease: APJ Abdul Kalam

Published: September 08, 2020

Former president APJ Abdul Kalam on Wednesday sought to reassure parents of diabetic children that their wards were suffering not from any disease but only a disorder that could be corrected.

At Changing Diabetes in Children, a programme organised by Novo Nordisk Education Foundation, Dr Kalam said: “While one in every 20 people in rural India is affected by diabetes, in urban areas it is one in every six people. Urban population is more prone to getting diabetes and it’s time that we focus on lifestyle modifications to eradicate diabetes.”

Dr Kalam also distributed kits containing a glucometer, an insulin syringe and a booklet of guidelines among other things to 10 diabetic children.

Misti,a guidebook that will help children to manage diabetes, was launched in six languages including Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and English on the occasion.

Dr EV Ramana Reddy, state health secretary, said, “The epidemiology mosaic of India is such that we have both diseases of developing countries like TB, malariaand typhoid and diseases of developed countries like cardiac problems, cancer, and diabetes . We can prevent them only by bringing in healthy lifestyle modifications.” The government had launched a pilot project of diabetes screening sometime ago and it was revealed that 14% of the population screened in the urban slums were diabetic, he added.

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