Genetic faults responsible for development of breast cancer found

Published: May 09, 2020

A recently conducted study has led to the discovery of genetic clues which are responsible for the development of breast cancer in some women. According to, a group of scientists at the Cambridge University has found that almost one woman in every twenty breast cancer patients is prey to inherited faults carried by certain gene types. The breast cancer research study which is being considered as the largest till date has been published in the medical journal called Nature Genetics. During the research study, scientists examined the complete genetic code among 4,000 patients of breast cancer who had family history of the disease. In addition, they randomly examined the DNA profile of 24,000 women which involved breast cancer patients and women free from the disease.

As per, the findings revealed that there are about five spots on the genome which are linked to family history of the breast cancer apart from the thirteen spots discovered earlier. The study will help in better genetic profiling as far as breast cancer is concerned. “It also contributes to our understanding of why the disease develops and will lead to a better understanding of the biology of the disease.” explained Dr Douglas Easton, lead researcher.

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Published May 09, 2020 by Harsh in news
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