Celebrities: melanoma

Skin cancer? No thanks, but is spray tanning safe?


Most people will make the mistake of going for the sun bed approach; marinating themselves in oil and slipping between the stark, glowing panels of a potential cancer machine while they slow cook to death. Sun tans just aren’t that healthy.

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Stephen J. Cannell loses his fight against cancer


Author and TV director Stephen J. Cannell last night sadly lost his battle against melanoma after complications arising from the illness.

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Skin cancer soon to be an ‘epidemic’


A study conducted by the US researches reveals that the cases of non-melanoma skin cancer is steadily rising, leading to epidemic proportions

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Melanoma – the most dangerous skin cancer


Melanoma may not be the most common skin cancer there is, but it is the most dangerous. Find out here how to spot the disease, what new treatments are available and for handy tips on how to protect yourself from skin cancer.

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