Autopsy rules out foul play in Boyzone member Stephen Gately’s death

Published: October 13, 2020

Boyzone fans across the globe were shocked to hear the news that singer Stephen Gately had passed away unexpectedly while on holiday in Spain.

The 33-year-old, who was holidaying on the Spanish island of Majorca with his civil partner Andrew Cowles, was found dead on Saturday after a night of drinking and partying at a local gay club.

An autopsy performed today by Spanish authorities has reveal Gately died of natural causes. A court spokesperson in Majorca said a preliminary autopsy found Gately died of a pulmonary edema. Further tests are being conducted and a full report is to follow.

A pulmonary edema, according to, occurs when liquids from the blood vessels in the lung enter the air sacs, resulting in difficulty in breathing and low amounts of oxygen in the blood. It is also referred to as “water in the lungs”.

This would further intensify assumptions that the singer may have chocked on his own vomit after returning home from a night of consuming alcohol.

The pair, who wed in a civil ceremony in 2006, were holidaying in their house in Port Andratx. Cowles reportedly found Gately at around 1pm the next day.

Stephen Gately reached international stardom with Irish boyband Boyzone in the 1990s. The band was particularly popular in Asia with hits like ‘Words’ and ‘Isn’t It A Wonder’. After separating for nearly seven years, the group rejoined in 2007 with their latest album ‘Back Again … No Matter What’.

His Boyzone colleagues flew to Majorca upon hearing the news of Gately’s death to pay their respects. On their website they left this message:

“We are completely devastated by the loss of our friend and brother, Stephen. We have shared such wonderful times together over the years and were all looking forward to sharing many more. Stephen was a beautiful person in both body and spirit. He lit up our lives and those of the many friends he had all over the world. Our love and sympathy go out to Andrew and Stephen’s family. We love you and will miss you forever, ‘Steo’”.

Gately was the first member of a boyband to out himself as a homosexual.

Other celebrities who died in 2009 include Stephen GatelyCasey JohnsonAdam GoldsteinBrittany Murphy,Patrick SwayzeFarrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

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6 Responses to “Autopsy rules out foul play in Boyzone member Stephen Gately’s death”

  1. julia cutler

    16. Oct, 2009

    i am saddened at the very sad death of steve gateley, he had such a beautiful smile that lit up his whole face and made him so lovely, to me me was a very important part of the band and cant imagine how all the others feel, i only saw him once but that happy memory of him singing and his contagous smile will stay with me for ever, my thoughts are with his husband, family and the boyz today on such a sad sad day for them all but i totally agree with louie walsh his memory should come alive today celebrate the person he was and what he acheived in his life.

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  2. Georgy"s family Bulgaria

    17. Oct, 2009

    We love you and will miss you forever.Gately was beautiful person.We are saddened at the very sad death of Stephen Gately.

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  3. yvonne Mills

    17. Oct, 2009

    Stephen you were a sweetie.Gone but never forgotten xx

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  4. michelle

    21. Oct, 2009

    So sad to hear of the sudden death of Stephen. He was so talented with a beautiful voice. RIP Steven

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  6. Katherine Foran

    23. Oct, 2009

    I am so sad that hes gone! ;-( i actually can’t believe hes gone! I wanted to go along to the church for his funeral but i was too sick to go & i also wished i had gone to see him in the point but we didn’t have the money at the time! I saw photo’s of him & the boys from the concert & some V.I.P ones & they all looked fantastic, judging from the photos it looks like they put on a brilliant show that will never be forgotten! :,-) i love you stephen & so does my family! We will never FORGET you, you were a beautiful man & had an amazing voice! Whenever im sad il just listen to those wonderful, beautiful songs you & the boys made! <3 lvoe Katherine & family! xoXox

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