Daniel Craig addicted to video games

Published: October 02, 2020

007 May have saved the world countless times and always got the girl, but actor Daniel Craig, 42 who plays James Bond (previously played by Pierce Brosnan) in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace spends his down time with joystick in hand.

It seems that the British born star is not content with taking down the bad guys for a living, so when he gets a spare moment it’s straight to the console for some pixellated pandemonium.

“I play games.  Hands up.  I’m quite into ones that have a big, fat storyline”, said Craig in an interview with www.showbizspy.com.

“Those ultra-violent ones I can play for half an hour then I feel dirty.  ‘Vice City’ for example – I think, oh yes, alright, I’ve stolen 18 cars.  That’s enough now.”

But he is under no illusions about his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell’s feelings on the matter.

“I have to pick my time well. If my girlfriend sees the box then it’s all over. If I get some free time, when she goes away for the weekend, I’ll go and play some games.

“I can switch the phone off and not see anybody for a couple of hours. That is blissful. It’s just as well I don’t have much spare time or I would probably fritter it away playing computer games.”

Video game addiction (or overuse) is becoming more prevalent these days with consoles and big titles absolutely flooding the market.  ‘Gamers’ tend to play compulsively and will isolate themselves from most forms of social interaction.  Their focus is generally on in-game achievements rather than actual events or accomplishments in real life.

Game makers cleverly craft games that are endless which gives the player a constant need to explore and achieve more, especially with online “mmorpg’s” (massive multiplayer online role playing games) where new content is added periodically to keep subscribers’ interest.

Diagnosis for this disorder has to date not been formalised in medical or psychological documents but is due for inclusion in the next Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

Thankfully the next Bond film is due for release in 2011 which means that Daniel Craig will soon be able to spend more time on the screen than in front of it.

Do you know anyone addicted to video games? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Read more about these stars and their addictions: Ben Affleck, Jeremy London, Liza Minnelli and Mickey Rourke.

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9 Responses to “Daniel Craig addicted to video games”

  1. Donut

    02. Oct, 2010

    Dump the bitch, if she can’t play with you, than she is useless. A woman that can pwn with the best of us is worth more than a million dollars.

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  2. Gamer for a Laugh

    04. Oct, 2010

    What an educated response!

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  3. GamerSinceYouth

    05. Oct, 2010

    Honestly? Its REALLY going to be considered a disease? Are these guys THAT bored?

    Video games are NOT a disease or an addiction or whatever. If video games are an “addiction” and “mental disorder” SO ARE SPORTS!

    People kill over football(American and International) for godsakes! I haven’t heard of someone literally killing someone because they lost to someone online in a game!

    Sports are the addictive threat NOT games, people are just looking for a scapegoat to blame the world’s problems on and sports are TOO popular and would entice too much of a fight, so what’s the second best thing? Gaming, an industry that has become a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry at the level of Hollywood and Television!

    Its an entertainment, a past time, a STRESS reliever! And unlike drugs or sports it doesn’t actually HURT you! Why must people attack something that isn’t threatening at all?

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  4. Gamejunkie

    05. Oct, 2010

    Actually, games are as addictive as drugs or alcohol. There is a growing belief that games are bad for your mind and health due to excessive playing.

    How do I know this to be true?

    Because I have just self-diagnosed as a game addict. I played online MMO’s constantly - and I mean 8 - 10 hours a day. It got in the way of everything I wanted to do, ruined relationships, led to bouts of depression and destroyed my social life.

    I thought it was a casual thing, fun if you like but when I realised I HAD to play I knew I had a problem.

    I thought the same as you too, that it wasn’t addiction but that was the addict in me trying to feed the problem.

    It wasn’t until I stopped playing that I realised how much a problem it really had been. You sound like someone in denial about their own addiction, I know because I said the same things as you to defend myself from criticism.

    Good luck kicking the habit.

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    • durr

      14. Nov, 2010

      Only those with prior social/mental ails actually get addicted to videogames. You were/are obviously a fat loser with nothing better do with their time. You have no friends in real life so you play videogames to make up for it.

      I love videogames, but I am certainly not addicted to them. I have other outside influences to keep that from happening (and even if I didn’t, I’d find something else to balance time - like reading a book or exercising).

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  5. Gamejunkie

    05. Oct, 2010

    Oh, and for the record, there have been many deaths related to video games.

    Look here: http://www.spike.com/blog/10-deaths-caused-by/74056?page=2&numPerPage=1

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  6. World Wide News Flash

    13. Oct, 2010

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  7. Tarra Leso

    31. Oct, 2010

    I really like what you write on here. I try to check your weblog everyday, keep up with the great content articles!

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