Natasha Lyonne almost died of Hepatitis C

Published: August 07, 2020

Headlines broke when Natasha Lyonne, made famous by her role in teen movie ’American Pie’, went missing in 2005 only to be found in a New York hospital fighting for her life. The actress had entered the Beth Israel Hospital covered in track marks and suffering from Hepatitis C, heart infection and a collapsed lung, according to MSNBC Today.

After 5 months of intensive treatment, Lyonne finally decided to get her act together. “I took it about as far as I could,” she told the New York Times in 2008. “And I didn’t die, so I decided to live, basically. Obviously it’s complicated, but it’s also very simple. I wasn’t dead at 27, so I might as well be 30. You’re already in it. You may as well be in a rocking chair some day eating a lobster club.”

Speaking to the news provider, she admitted: “It definitely felt like I was on a mission, and working was not high on my priority list.“

So perilous was Lyonne’s path to destruction in fact, that it nearly landed her in jail. In 2006, the star appeared in court facing earlier charges of trespass and harassment after she famously entered a neighbour’s property and threatened to sexually molest her dog. She walked free on the condition that she would not cause any trouble for six months.

Although the 31-year-old has seemingly cleaned up her life and made 9 TV and film appearances since her meltdown, Lyonne admits she is far from ascetic.

“I’d love to say that there’s been this great 180 and happy ever after,” she told the NY Times while puffing on a cigarette. But “I’ve always been both sides of the coin..I’m very full of life, but at the same time very dismissive of it. Not really highs and lows, just a steady state of ‘Oh, hey, isn’t this great?’ and ‘Who gives a damn anyway?’”

But giving a damn is higher on Natasha’s agenda than ever before. Watch out for her in the upcoming 2010 movie ’13’, an English-language remake of the French film ’13 Tzameti’.

Other celebrities who have suffered at the hands of Hepatitis C include Baywatch star Pamela Anderson and jazz sensation Natalie Cole.

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