Tom Aldredge loses battle with Hodkins lymphoma

Published: July 28, 2020

Tom Aldredge, best known for his role as Hugh DeAngelis (the father of Carmela Soprano) in the massively popular TV show The Sopranos, has died at the age of 83.

Aldredge’s later roles centred around television in Damages, Boardwalk Empire and Click and Clack’s As The Wrench Turns, but the Emmy-winner also enjoyed a long acting career in film and on Broadway, starring opposite such iconic figures as Elizabeth Taylor who passed away earlier this year.

Utility actor Tom Aldredge

Tom Aldredge passed away aged 83

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford cast Aldredge as Major George Hite and out him alongside Brad Pitt and the excellent Casey Affleck.

Thomas Ernest Aldridge was born on February 28th, 1928 in Dayton, Ohio and at the age of 29 he appeared in Electra, on off-Broadway production. Two years later in 1959 he appeared on Broadway in the hit show The Nervous Set which paved the way for him to feature in over 30 shows throughout his career.

Aldredge’ Emmy award came on the back of 1978′s Henry Winkler Meets Shakespeare in which he portrayed The Bard himself.

Tom Alrdedge's Sopranos co-star Denise Borino-Quinn

Fellow Sopranos star Denise Borino-Quinn died of liver cancer last year.

On a number of levels he follows Denise Borino-Quinn, a fellow Sporanos star who passed away late last year after a battle with liver cancer. It is thought that Aldredge died as a result of Hodgkin’s lymphoma; a type of cancer which only attacks the lymph glands. Dexter star Michael C. Hall famously fared better against the disease having defeated it last year before going on to film a new series of the serial killer drama.

Michael C Hall of Dexter fame

MIchael C Hall famously defeated Hodgkins lymphoma last year. Tom Aldredge was not so fortunate.

Tom was a devoted husband to his wife Theoni Aldredge who passed away in January 2011 and despite his greatest successes on stage and screen his marriage was most important to him.

“I’ve been married for 52 years, … I realize it more as the years go on, that’s all that’s important. Everything else I can work around, I can sacrifice. But that relationship matters.”

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