Angelina Jolie Livid Over Brad Pitt’s Relationship With Another Woman - apparently

Published: July 22, 2020

Six years after Angelina Jolie sneaked in like a ravenous busty kestrel and wrestled Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston’s beak, it seems the bloat-lipped actress might be getting a taste of her own metallic man-snatching medicine. LOL.

The predatory celeb has been kicking up a storm of jealousy dust over Brad Pitt’s ‘relationship’ with a female assistant on the set of his new movie – yet another zombie outing and yet another adaptation of a cult graphic novel - World War Z - currently being filmed in Malta.

According to ‘an insider’ Angelina Jolie’s jealous tantrums over photographs of Pitt with the unnamed assistant are pushing poor flirty Pitt away – and might well put the kybosh on any impending marital amalgamation between Pitt and Jolie, which is probably all speculation conjured up to give us celebrity journalists something to bleat on about.

According to ‘a source’ who spoke to high-end celebrity rag OK! magazine, “Brad resents that Angelina is trying to control him. He told Angelina outright, ‘I’ve always had women friends, I’m always going to have women friends. End of story.’ ”

Angelina Jolie - dressed to kill

Angelina Jolie - looking very cross.

Now I’m not so sure ‘insider’ and ‘source’ are the most reliable people when it comes to such matters. If they were relayers of accurate information that would probably mean that they were close to one or both of the celebrity couplet. And if they are close to them, they probably wouldn’t be spilling their gossipy beans all over the media anyway because they’d have a bit more bloody respect.

“Of course, there’s a part of him — even though he would never admit it — that likes it,” continues the very knowledgeable ‘insider’. “Angelina is usually this cool, unaffected, kind of untouchable woman, and when she shows some jealousy, it lets him know she has a weak spot — and that, obviously, she’s crazy about him.” Quite a deep analysis from someone who probably pares the dirt from beneath Brad Pitt’s toe nails and then sells them on eBay for lols.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt must be the most famous couple in the world. Everything they do is photographed, scrutinized, analyzed and exaggerated in magazines, newspapers, on TV and on websites such as this.  It’s very difficult to know what if anything about the Hollywood royalty is credible. Surely they’d be more careful about what they said around people such as ‘source’ and ‘insider’, saving their squabbles for those special private moments they share together. The names ‘source’ and ‘insider’ alone would have alarm bells ringing for me, but then again, I have a very suspicious nature.

It’s hard to imagine a ravishing beauty such as Angelina Jolie causing ructions over Pitt spending a bit of time with an assistant during the making of a film. It’s a job and she’s an assistant after all. He must encounter vast numbers of women in his daily life, many of whom would gladly lower the celebrity coquette’s zipper and relieve him of any masculine congestion he might be suffering with. But the same must be said for Jolie. Suitors to her chesty throne must be forming disorderly queues in order to assist her with the burden of those weighty blouse bunnies.

Celebrity relationships are no different to the relationships of us boring mortals who have no beautiful faces or perfect bodies we can pawn for cash: if there are issues with trust, then the relationship will be inferior and ultimately flounder, founder and expire.

There’s nothing wrong with Brad Pitt forging a bond with an assistant during filming – in actual fact it’s commendable. Certainly beats the way suck-ass actor Christian Bale goes around expelling arrogant paroxysms towards his underlings like a coked up child brat who got the wrong flavor ice-cream from McDonalds (vanilla instead of chocolate). OK! Magazine includes ‘shocking’ pictures of Brad and the ‘mystery woman’ laughing together. I don’t think laughing with a member of the opposite sex is tantamount to infidelity – not yet at least.

Brad Pitt laughing like a slag

Brad Pitt laughing - which is tantamount to infidelity.

It’s not clear whether Jolie is just being a typical dull and clingy girlfriend who could do with a figurative bitch slap or whether Pitt is being a flirty man tart who needs to have virtual rubber bands flicked at his scrotum, but either way it gives us something to write about.

Long live the king and queen of Hollywood.

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    24. Jul, 2011

    ………..Is the heartland ready for the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt circus? A report claims that the Bible belt may wish to buckle up as the Pitt-Jolie clan is reportedly building a Missouri mansion so they can hopefully spend some time with the kids near Pitts traditional family……..Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt Build Missouri Home… 3 but stayed only two days leaving a few days earlier than planned on the actual day of Maddoxs party!.Things were very tense that weekend the friend tells Star and they left with an even worse impression of Angie than before.

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