Menace of Diabetes

Published: August 20, 2020

Indian researchers have found that the research work on diabetes is not up to the mark. They have further stated that an alternative to insulin is required to be introduced immediately. The menace of Type 2 diabetes has been taking toll over the lives of many youngsters in India.

All over the world, there are two type of researchers conducted over diabetes. One out of them researches over new ways of treating it and the other works upon new means of administering insulin. However, these researches are time consuming and half of the times are not worth conducting. Therefore the only available standard of treating diabetes in India is Insulin.

However, it has been reported that oral insulin is in its way of development. Vivek Shenoy, General Manager of Bangalore-based Biocon has been working with international agencies upon oral insulin trials. He said, “We have been testing different insulins for oral consumption since 2004. After we zeroed in on the lead candidate, the trials on it have been on for about five years”.

India is not the only country which is fighting hard in combating with the menace of diabetes. It has been informed that in the UK 38% suffers from advanced diabetes. People in the UK are provided with free risk assessment tests for diabetes so that their condition doesn’t get out of control.

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Published August 20, 2020 by in Diabetes

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