Part Two: The ten best celebrity diets

Published: October 18, 2020

What are celebrities doing to stay in such great shape? In this two-part series we reveal how the A-listers get those enviable red carpet bodies.

6. The Protein Diet

How does it work?

By eating lots of proteins the body is “forced” to obtain its energy from sources other than carbohydrates.  Foods with a high GI (Glycemic Index) should be avoided, as they create insulin, (the “fat-making hormone”) and in their place should be lots of fish, low-fat meat and dairy products. It is also important to drink a lot. Germany’s Lilly Beckert, a former model, turned to this diet after giving birth: yoghurt for breakfast, lots of water, chicken salmon, more fish, limited carbs, limited fat.

The success rate?

A glance at Lilly Beckert says it all: it works. Just stay away from rice and pasta, tuck into lots of tasty salads and keep active with lots of exercise to melt away the pounds.

7. The Low Carb and Low Fat Diet

How does it work?

Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie combines the Low Carb and Low Fat Diet. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t eating anything anoymore, simply that she is selective about what goes into her body: when she eats carbohydrates, she opts for wholewheat. Lots of vegetabes, low fat meat and dairy products. Giving up carbs entirely wasn’t an option for her.

The success rate?

This needs to be followed as a long-term eating plan, and if you can manage that, the results will be highly rewarding! Fergie orders her five daily meals from a diet delivery service - how practical!

What else helps?

To enhance the effectiveness of her sport program, Fergie wears special shoes. The inclined soul of her trainers shifts the weight subtly back over the heels, and can help strengthen and tone the body while also burning more calories.

8. The “Doctor’s Diet”

How does it work?

Eat what you want (even chocolate and bread) and eat until you’re full: so says diet expert Dr. Michael Spira. His method supposedly slows down the production of new fat cells. One should eat “good carbohydrates” like wholewheat or sweet potatos with all three meals, and make sure to avoid the “bad carbohydrates” like donuts and fried potatos which are responsible for creating new fatty deposits.

The success rate?

Say goodbye to the yo-yo effect: every time fat cells shrink during a diet, the body simply produces new ones, says Dr. Spira. That is why it it is usually so difficult to maintain a constant weight by just counting how many calories one consumes. VIPs like Naomi Campbell and Kim Katrall are fans of this method.

9. The Fitness Diet

How does it work?

Personal trainer Frank Wierigs forbids carbohydrates after the second half of the day. And one should exercise at least three times a week. “An hour in the morning is the most effective,” he explains, and one shouldn’t eat anything for two hours after working out, because this increases the amount of fat that gets burnt.

The success rate?

“Not eating any carbs has great results for 90 percent of my clients!”, says the personal trainer.

10. The Zone Diet

How does it work?

Demi Moore’s diet is made up of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 40 percent fat. In addition to potatos, wholewheat bread and rice, the menu entails eatling lots of steamed vegetables, fish and low fat meat. This helps to keep the insulin levels constant and the hunger pangs at bay.

The success rate?

It’s best to have five hours between each meal. If you can stick to this eating plan, you can look forward to losing between 500 g and 1,5 kg per week!

Which celebs are following this diet?

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Read our more detailed coverage about the Zone Diet here.

Other effective diets include the South Beach DietSugar BustersVolumetrics Diet and the Ultra Metabolism Diet.

Click here to read part one of the ten best celebrity diets.

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