Celebrities: Halle Berry

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry embroiled in nasty custody battle


Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubrey are headed to court to as the custody battle of their daughter heats up.

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Halle Berry falls into depression after two failed marriages


The stunning actress says she reached the lowest point in her life when her second marriage ended in 2003. Saying she felt “unlovable”, Halle explains why she almost attempted suicide.

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Halle Berry and her diabetes


After falling into a diabetic coma that lasted a week, Halle Berry was diagnosed with this disease that affects millions of people the world over.

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Halle Berry pregnant again through AI?


Many women over 35 face trouble getting pregnant, but Hollywood actress Halle Berry has now done it twice - once through IVF and now allegedly through Artificial Insemination.

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