Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb hospitalized with abdominal pains

Published: April 05, 2020

Bee  Gees star Robin Gibb has been forced to cancel a string of shows in Brasil after taking ill on the weekend and being advised by doctors not to travel while they try to diagnose the cause of his abdominal pains.

This may be an unpleasant case of deja vu for the 61 year old, who just last year suffered severe stomach pains while he was performing in Belgium. He had emergency surgery for a blocked intestine, a genetic condition and the same one that led to the death of his twin brother Maurice, aged 53,  in 2003.

“In the early morning he had terrible pain and he was feeling very ill,” a spokesperson for Gibb said.

“A paramedic came out and he was taken to hospital. We are not sure what’s wrong with him at this stage and are worried.

“We don’t know if it is a recurrence of the previous problem or if it is something else entirely.”

The Bee Gees, originally made up of three brothers Robin, Barry and Maurice and one of the most successful pop groups of all time, had a successful musical career spanning some forty plus years, although it s is perhaps their disco music of the 70s — with hits like Night Fever and Staying Alive — that had the biggest impact.

When Maurice died, Bary and Robin decided to stop performing, but much to the delight of their fans, they reformed and took to the stage again in 2009.

Robin, who was scheduled to play in a number of cities across Brasil, including Sao Paolo and Brasilia, has sent his apologies to his fans.

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4 Responses to “Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb hospitalized with abdominal pains”

  1. anon22

    05. Apr, 2011

    So talented and still young, and so was his twin brother of course, oh and not to mention, sadly, their youngest brother, Andy who died in ’88 I believe, their poor mother, rest her soul…

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  2. Fay Dallas, TX USA

    05. Apr, 2011

    Robin has been under a lot of stress creating music and performing in recent months. Maybe, rest and learning to take things slow for a while will force Robin to take a break so he can recover.. He does try to live a healthy life, so this health scare is a bit surprising to hear.

    The Bee Gees worked so hard to become great. Robin is 61 and still refuses to retire. Hope things go well for him. I have been a fan from the 1960′s. The Bee Gees were famous many years before the Disco era.

    God bless Robin and his entire family at this time.

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  3. June Wilson

    05. Apr, 2011

    Poor Robin! Hopefully, doctors in England are better prepared than the doctors were here in the US for Maurice in 2003. Maybe, Maurice’s death will somehow protect Robin, forcing him to become more aware of the danger when experiencing the slightest of pain. This problem left untreated appears to have caused the death of his twin.

    Robin is a great composer and artist . He gives so much of his time and money to help many charities. My prayers are with him during thisdifficult time. XXXX the Bee Gees music and Robin Gibbs beautiful voice.

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  4. Bee Gees

    05. Apr, 2011

    [...] a series of shows in Brazil after he was taken to a British hospital with abdominal pains. A spokBee Gees - Bee Gees' Robin Gibb ill, cancels Brazil shows. LONDON (AP) - Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb has [...]

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