DJ Megatron murdered in New York

Published: March 28, 2020

The world of hip-hop has been shaken this weekend by the news that DJ Megatron has been shot and killed near his home in Staten Island, New York. The circumstances surrounding his murder remain unclear and as yet no arrests have been made.


He was found with the fatal chest wound at around 2am on Monday morning and was apparently heading to a local store when the shooting occurred. Friends and family are at a loss as to explain who would have been motivated enough to kill the popular DJ and hip-hop artist, given that he was such a friendly and upbeat soul.


“He probably had one of the best personalities around, super-positive, happy all the time,” said Justin Kirkland (also known as J. Smoove), manager and friend of DJ Megatron.


Reg Rocc also released a press statement saying: “Mega’s family is grateful for all of the condolences and warm thoughts of his fans and friends. Please continue to uplift your prayers of support as an ongoing investigation is currently being conducted by law enforcement officials.”


The 32 year old BET host, real name Corey McGriff, had been a DJ and hip-hop artist for some considerable time and had built a solid reputation through his work which took him from Philadelphia and Boston to New York where he hosted on KISS FM and BET’s popular music TV show What’s Good.


Investigations are obviously ongoing but there doesn’t appear to be any motive as yet and no word has been given as to whether McGriff was robbed or not. His death echoes that of Messy Mya who was killed last November in a similar way, and whose pictures were spread on the internet.


A Facebook page has been created to honour Megatron and fans have left many messages of condolences, expressing their sadness at the loss of such a bright personality.


He is survived by three children.

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