Lance Armstrong to race in Hawaii Ironman

Published: October 09, 2020

Seve-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has set himself a new challenge with plans to compete for his first time in the gruelling Ironman World Championships in 2011.

In a video posted on, his coach Chris Carmichael said: “2011, [Lance Armstrong] will be here. He’s super psyched and I think he wants to do more than win his age group.”

A swimmer as a child and promising national-level triathlete in his late teens, Armstrong has also run in marathons, so he has the background to be competitive in Hawaii . The demanding event sees participants swim 3.8 km before hopping onto a bike for a 180km ride and then on foot for a marathon 42.4km run. According to the Ironman website each athlete will train for 7 months for up to 22 hours per week in preparation.

Armstrong’s story is one of sheer determination and courage. In 1997 the cyclist was diagnosed with stage III testicular cancer; it had already spread to his lungs, brain and abdomen and helso had a tumor in his testicle. Despite beginning treatment and having hemotherapy immediately, his prognosis was poor with doctors saying his chance of survival was 50 percent.

After being cured of cancer, Armstrong went on to win the Tour de France seven years in a row after going into remission, from 1999 to 2005. He retired from the profession of bicycle racing in 2005 after his seventh win, but made a comeback to the sport in 2009.  Sheryl Crow , who dated Armstrong for a while, also fell victim to cancer. She  beat her breast cancer to go onto raise awareness and funds for cancer research.

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13 Responses to “Lance Armstrong to race in Hawaii Ironman”

  1. I think that HGH has helped me live a more fulfilling life since I started my program about 6 months ago.

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  2. RRRR

    30. Oct, 2010

    You should really stop hailing Armstrong as a success story. It is painfully obvious to anyone inside of the endurance athlete community that he was likely on PED’s for the majority of his TDF career. It is even possible that the doping he allegedly did is what led to his cancer, as many PED using athletes rely on cocktails of HGH, EPO, anabolic steroids and god knows what else. We know now that blood infusions are the current doping method of choice, which Floyd Landis claims to have learned from Lance in the first place, while riding for his team (of largely revealed dopers in their own right).

    Of course he has never tested positive, but neither did Marion Jones, Roger Clemens, or Barry Bonds. The tests are THAT far behind designer drugs, Even guys like Eddie Hellebuyck, who “dabbled” in EPO, injecting himself at home and while traveling with only light help from a basement-dwelling doctor, competed at the highest level for years and passed many in and out of competition drug tests. You can read more about him here:,7120,s6-243-521-13729-0,00.html

    Find more reputable athletes to inspire people with, please.

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    • tim

      05. Jan, 2011

      you should stop hating on Lance. he’s never failed a test and is only allegedly a druggy. until he’s been proven guilty, lay off. you couldn’t pass him if he were going backwards!! he’s an inspiration to world athletes as his foundation is the single largest donor of cash to cancer research. why don’t you come back when you’ve beaten cancer….cowardly dope!!!

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  3. World Spinner

    15. Oct, 2010

    Lance Armstrong to race in Hawaii Ironman - Celebrities ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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  4. Carolin W.

    11. Oct, 2010

    Thank you to the readers who alerted us to to the errors in the article - we have since ammended the text.

    Your CWD Team.

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  5. Me

    11. Oct, 2010

    Sorry to say this, but your story is very inaccurate and has led to other media websites making errors in repeating it. Armstrong said after this year’s Tour de France that he won’t do another. And the quotes you use above are from way back in January.

    Within the world of cycling, there’s no expectations that he’ll do another Tour.

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  6. Terry

    10. Oct, 2010

    He should have to qualify or win through the lottery like everybody else does. His fame shouldn’t equal a free ticket to the world championships.

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  7. innis_mor

    09. Oct, 2010

    Re-hashing of old news. Emphasis is on “just for fun”, which is the right way to go — he will not be competitive, not at age 40, not with his run (very middling).

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  11. World Wide News Flash

    09. Oct, 2010

    Lance Armstrong to race in Hawaii Ironman - Celebrities ……

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  12. Eric

    09. Oct, 2010

    1) Lance Armstrong dated Sheryl Crow. They never married.

    2) Armstrong stated some months ago that the 2010 Tour was his last.

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