Octomom: Babies make me sick

Published: July 19, 2020

Octomom Nadya Suleman definitely DID say that she finds babies disgusting. This according to an audio recording of an interview the mother-of-fourteen  said she never gave. The interview was published in inTouch magazine through a freelance reporter.

It cited Suleman as saying things such as: “Whenever I hear a baby cry, I cringe. I do not like babies. I am absolutely disgusted by babies. They make me sick … I don’t even look at them. I have to look away.”

In Touch published the controversial interview

The article also cites her as saying that she thinks of her older children as animals and often locks herself in the bathroom and cries.

Later, Suleman told TMZ that every single quote in the article was false because she never gave the interview in the first place. In response to the quotes, she stated: “I hardly have 30 seconds to go to the restroom, I could never lock my self in the bathroom for hours. I Love ALL my children, I do not regret them and it’s ridiculous that I have to continue to defend myself against these disgusting fabricated lies.”

But now it seems the model mother will have some more defending to do after all. An audio recording of the interview-that-never-took-place has surfaced and in it Suleman is clearly heard saying all the things she later denied.

Click here to listen to the recording.

Suleman has now released what is pretty much exactly the same statement as before through her rep: “Nadya never gave an interview to InTouch magazine. She never once said she was disgusted by her own children.”

Well, believe what you want to believe I guess, but I think everyone can see which argument has more weight!

Click here to read more on the ethical issues surrounding Octomom, who is single, financially strapped and still intentionally had IVF and octuplets.

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