Peter Fonda finds dead body on Sunset Boulevard

Published: January 13, 2021

Peter Fonda’s day took a turn for the strange this afternoon when the veteran actor made a grim discovery. The star of the cult 60’s classic, ‘Easy Rider’ was driving along Sunset Boulevard, in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles, when he noticed something out of the ordinary in a parked car. Fonda pulled over to take a closer look and upon closer inspection he realised that what he’d found was a dead man, slumped over the front seat of his car.

Fonda made the discovery at around 2pm and immediately dialled 911. The response team examined the body and stated that the man had been there for three days, after apparently taking his own life in the vehicle.

Peter Fonda, now 70 years of age has experienced near death before in his life and ‘Easy Rider’ was a dark, twisted tale of highs and lows through life on the road. Perhaps Fonda’s rarest gift to himself was a gunshot wound on his 11th birthday. The accident almost killed him, but luckily it was a stomach wound which missed all his vital organs.

The rest of his life is fairly well documented too and the incident with the gun didn’t stop him from developing an illustrious film career that led him to meet some great friends in the form of former members of The Beatles, and of course his close friend, the late Dennis Hopper with whom he co-starred in ‘Easy Rider.’

The big screen veteran voiced his difficulty in letting go of Hopper, hoping that the pair could see it out together and at the end of the road tell his friend, “It’s been a hell of a ride.” Fonda was also resentful of the fact that Hopper had “to go out with all these clouds that are going on with his marriage.”

The man in the car’s identity is yet to be determined and no word has been given as to how he killed himself but Peter Fonda must be feeling a wealth of emotions currently, including shock, horror and elation. Finding a dead body would be a terrible experience for anyone, but at least Fonda can relax knowing that the man he discovered can be identified and his family can be informed, before his body is laid to rest.

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  1. john davis

    22. Feb, 2011

    Man in car was Eliot Fons, a veteran cameraman who worked in TV production and TV news (CBS and NBC) for many decades. He was a brillian and wonderful guy who had a wicked sense of humor, and he apparently killed himself after recent personal setbacks. A memorial was held in his honor by past and present friends and colleagues. Some notable personalities attended to pay their respects but I won’t list them here to maintain privacy. RIP Eliot.

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