Yet another Toyota recall to avoid flambéed Lexus Sedans

Published: January 26, 2021

Toyota has today issued a recall of some 245,000 Lexus vehicles due to the risk of a possible fuel leak. Over 200,000 of those affected were previously recalled in 2009, with Toyota citing the same problem.

The company released a statement on Tuesday night in which it said the 2006-7 Lexus GS300 and GS350, the 2006-9 Lexus IS250 and the 2006-8 Lexus IS350 sedans had been recalled. Documents filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that the automaker recalled about 214,000 of those vehicles in 2009.

The new Lexus - with free BBQ.

“This recall involves the vehicles we recalled in 2009,” said Bryan Lyons of Toyota. The new recall adds about 30,000 later-model vehicles.

In its news release, Toyota said that “insufficient tightening of the fuel-pressure sensor connected to certain fuel-delivery pipes” could allow the sensor to loosen and gasoline to leak (they didn’t mention that it could in fact leak into the engine compartment).

The recall comes at a bad time for Toyota whose client base is already questioning their integrity and safety standards. Last year the company was faced with a recall on another model which suffered with sticking accelerators that led to several deaths.

No accidents or problems have been reported as yet, but Toyota will want to resolve the fuel leak issue on its Lexus models quickly, to save themselves from more negative press.

The projected cost of repairs on recalled vehicles is projected at around $240 million, which although sounds like a lot is a relatively small amount for the company. Toyota would rather lose the money than the confidence of its current and future customers. Nobody wants a flambéed client base.

Koji Endo, an auto analyst from Advanced Research Japan Co said, “There is that perception of here we go again, and that hurts Toyota’s image, especially in North America.”

Currently, Toyota holds the record for the largest amount of recalls of vehicles in the US and current figures show that a further 1.7 million vehicles worldwide are being recalled.

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