Perigee moon (supermoon) set to dazzle starry eyed onlookers tonight

Published: March 19, 2020

For the first time in 18 years the world will witness a Perigee moon. “What’s a Perigee moon?” you ask; well read on.

Before we get to the crux let me say it’s a shame the event isn’t occurring on Halloween as a Perigee would be perfect for all those werewolves out there. Often referred to as a ‘super moon’ the perigee occurs when the moon’s orbit bring it closest to the Earth.


Yes; tonight good people of planet Earth, we are in for a treat as our celestial sibling swings by to let us take a rare and close look at her beaming face.


Looks like someone could use a little steradent.

Not since March 1993 has she come so close and with weather conditions predicted to be clear we should be able to get a really good view of our orbital partner in the sky.


According to NASA the moon will appear 14% larger than normal and up to 30% brighter – not quite the epic sized disc we so often see in Hollywood movies (ET anyone?).


Despite wide-of-the-mark claims by unscrupulous media sources (no names mentioned and no fingers pointed towards Texas) NASA say that the moon will not be causing earthquakes or adverse weather conditions and most certainly wasn’t responsible for the 9.1 mag quake in Japan last week.


Japan sits on a joining of tectonic plates and these plates constantly shift. The country is prone to quakes and while this most recent was the largest and most devastating in their history, it isn’t the first and won’t be the last.


The only side effects predicted by coast guards, weather stations and NASA are higher tides in the Atlantic Ocean and other tidal seas.


If you want to make the most of the Perigee moon, get out early and take a tripod for your camera to get those awesome photos. Weather predictions say mild temperatures, minimal cloud cover and no need to pack the silver bullets as there’s little chance of lycanthropes.

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