President Barack Obama’s struggle to quit smoking

Published: November 26, 2020

President Barack Obama’s habit of smoking caused many hurdles for him regarding his 2008 presidential election and campaign. Many anti-smoking groups were disappointed about his smoking habit and believed that having a president who is a smoker (daily or even occasional) or tobacco user was a big disappointment.

Throughout his strenuous campaign, many people were of the opinion that he would be a poor role model for kids and adults. President Barack Obama himself ruefully admitted that he’s spent his adult life fighting the habit.

His wives, Michelle’s, prerequisites for Obama before entering the presidential race were that he had to quit smoking. He promised his wife that he would quit if she let him seek the top position in the White House. Therefore, once a heavy smoker, he publicly gave up the habit, per his wife’s request, to run for president.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Obama said in 2007: “I’ve never been a heavy smoker.”

“I’ve quit periodically over the last several years.

“I’ve got an ironclad demand from my wife that in the stresses of the campaign I don’t succumb.

“I’ve been chewing Nicorette strenuously.”

In order to prevent thousands of American teens from starting a habit and becoming addicted to smoking, Obama signed the nation’s toughest anti-smoking law. He said that almost 90 percent of people who smoke began at 18 or younger and he named himself among one of them. quotes Obama as saying: “More than 400,000 Americans now die of tobacco-related illnesses each year, making it the leading cause of preventable death in the United States.

“More than 8 million Americans suffer from at least one serious illness caused by smoking”

He accused the tobacco industry of targeting young people.

“What’s even worse are the effects on our children,” he continued.

“Each day, 1,000 young people under the age of 18 become new, regular, daily smokers.”

“Almost 90 percent of all smokers began at or before their 18th birthday,” he said.

“I know — I was one of these teenagers, and so I know how difficult it can be to break this habit when it’s been with you for a long time.”

Obama’s struggle with smoking still continues. He has himself admitted that his attempt to free himself from cigarette had not been entirely successful.

Since “officially” quitting, Obama has often acknowledged that he has “fallen off the wagon” on many occasions.

According to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, “He struggles with it every day.”

Author: Center for American Progress Action Fund,
Source: Barack Obama at Las Vegas Presidential Forum

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