Swine flu is still a real threat in the United States

Published: February 06, 2021

The cases of swine flu contractions and deaths are still high, even though media reports on the subject are dwindling.  The swine flu has now essentially replaced the regular seasonal flu, and is still something that needs to be taken very seriously, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns, especially since new strains have been discovered in the U.S. and China.

Now the U.S. Centers for Diseases Control and Protection (CDC) are urging Americans to get swine flu vaccines, Reuters reports. Out of all countries that have reported cases of the swine flu (officially referred to as the H1N1 virus), America is the hardest hit, and continues to report deaths. According to CNN, the CDC has released figures that estimate that between 7,880 and 16,460 swine flu-related deaths occurred between April 2009, which is when the virus emerged, and December 12, 2009.

These statistics seem to have little affect on the American population, with many avoiding the readily available vaccinations. A mistake, Dr. Anne Schuchat of the CDC says.

“Many people believe the outbreak is over and I think it is too soon for us to have that complacency.”

And while an estimated 70 million Americans have gotten the vaccine, many are being careless about the follow-up shots, a necessity for protection. Particularly children are susceptible to the virus, with nine deaths having been reported in the U.S. just last week.

Schuchat tells CNN getting the follow-up flu shots is the right thing to do, especially when it comes to children.

“It would just be tragic for you to have gone so far to do the right thing and have your child get sick because they weren’t completely protected,” she says.

“This pandemic isn’t over yet.”

Find out more about the swine flu.

Celebrities who have battled the swine flu include Rupert Grint and Marilyn Manson.

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  3. jason

    06. Feb, 2010

    The CDC estimates that 7,880 to 16,460 H1N1-related deaths occurred between April, when the virus emerged, and December 12.

    I was around a few months ago. I don’t remember this many ppl dying. This is a fake made up number so they will sell more vaccines. CDC and the drug companies sleep in the same bed.

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