Fantasia Barrino doing much better since suicide attempt

Published: September 05, 2020

Weeks after trying to take her own life, Fantasia Barrino says she is doing “much better” now. Appearing at an event in Atlanta on Saturday to promote her new album, Fantasia told in an exclusive interview: “I’m doing much better now. I’ve got my strength. I’m OK.”

Fantasia was rushed to a North Carolina hospital after taking an overdose of pills in early August. News of her affair with married Antwaun Cook and a lawsuit against her by his wife for allegedly ruining the marriage had just broken, and she reportedly couldn’t deal with it.

Fantasia, who won ‘American Idol’ in 2004, overdosed on Aspirin and sleeping pills, and was disappointed when she woke up in hospital.

“I remember waking up in the hospital and thinking I’m still in this hell hole with all the drama going on,” the Examiner quotes her as saying.

Fantasia was set on committing suicide after deciding not to deal with her life anymore, and said she knew exactly what she was doing when she took all those pills.

“I didn’t have any fight in me. I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted out,” People quotes Fantasia as saying in her VH1 ‘Behind the Music’ interview. “At that moment, I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with – all of it, all of that [expletive].

“I just sat in the closet and looked at the mirror and took all the pills in the bottle. I wanted to go to sleep and just be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can’t accidentally take a whole bottle of pills.”

But what made her want to end it all? Was it just the affair with Antwaun Cook?

“I was tired of people doing me wrong, constantly, over and over again, dealing with my family – my father, dealing with men and their s*** – I was tired,” she said. “My head was hurting me. I was over it.”

Fantasia claims a nurse in hospital gave her the motivation to keep going, which has seen her make appearances, perform and promote her album several times in the weeks following her suicide attempt.

And, despite her low point being only a few weeks ago, she seems to have recovered and learnt a lot about what it means to be in such a dark place.

“I realized how people end up in the grave. Because that one moment [snaps her fingers] of just breaking or feeling like I can’t, I can’t go on, it’s too heavy. That was somewhere I don’t ever want to go again.”

Read about Fantasia Barrino’s overdose.

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