Jill Clayburgh’s life is heralded at the 2011 Academy Awards Ceremony

Published: February 28, 2021

Jill Clayburgh, actress and two time Academy Award nominee was remembered at the 2011 Oscar ceremony last night. She was listed amongst several other well known names who passed away last year, in a fitting tribute to her life’s work on the big and small screen.

The Kodak Theater was the setting for the 2011 Oscar ceremony last night, and Clayburgh’s life was heralded during the In Memoriam segment of the awards.

Jill Clayburgh remembered during In Memoriam

The In Memoriam segment began running in 1993 and has become one of the most anticipated parts of the awards, but is not without controversy. Many years have seen popular actors omitted from the three minute section and this years ran to five minutes; still unable to please all of the people.

Criticism is being levelled at the producers this year for failing to recognise others who died in 2010 such as Corey Haim of Lost Boys fame; Peter Graves of Airplane 1 & 2; Betty Garrett of the classic 70’s and early 80’s TV show, Laverne and Shirley; and Maria Schneider of Last Tango in Paris.

Jill Clayburgh’s career spanned over five decades and her passing came last year as she succumbed to leukaemia, aged just 66.

Her most lauded role came in the 1978 film An Unmarried Woman in which she portrayed a divorcee who finds a new lease of life and sexual adventure with a young artist in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, after breaking free of 16 years spent in a dowdy marriage. This role won her a nomination for Best Actress which was eventually won by Jane Fonda.

Her other nomination came for the film Starting Over, a comedy which saw her opposite Burt Reynolds.

Her final big screen appearance was in Love and Other Drugs in which she played the mother of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character.

Her battle with leukaemia lasted 21 years and finally claimed her life on Novermber 5th, 2010. She died at her home in Lakeville, Connecticut with her loved ones at her bedside.

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  1. World Spinner

    28. Feb, 2011

    Jill Clayburgh's life is heralded at the 2011 Academy Awards ……

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

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  2. movienut

    28. Feb, 2011

    I think you got it right when you said she was from the “classic 70’s and early 80’s TV show”—the Oscars are about movies, not TV shows. I’m not too saddened with the Graves omission because also had more success on television.

    however I do remember one year when they showed Scotty from Star Trek and Darren McGavin. I think they hired a different guy to put together the montage this year.

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