Senator Lautenberg diagnosed with stomach cancer

Published: February 20, 2021

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, the second-oldest senator in the United States, has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. The 86-year-old has a large B-cell type lymphoma, a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is located in and restricted to one area of his stomach.

According to renowned oncologist Dr. James Holland, who is treating the Senator at Mount Sinai Medical Center, “there was nothing in nodes, spleen, or liver,” the New York Times writes.

Dr. Holland expects Senator Lautenberg to make a “full and complete recovery” after receiving standard chemotherapy, the Washington Post reports. “We anticipate that he will receive between six and eight treatments, and in between treatments, the Senator is expected to be back at work in the Senate,” he added.

Senator Lautenberg was brought to the hospital on Monday after collapsing at his home. The Senator underwent surgery on Tuesday, after doctors found his stomach had “ulcerated, causing ‘massive’ bleeding and requiring ‘several transfusions’”, the New York Times reports.

“I anticipate he’ll be back in the Senate very quickly,” Dr. Holland said. “He’s a vigorous man.”

Celebrities who have successfully defeated cancer include Nancy Reagan, Sharon Osbourne and Lance Armstrong.


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