Specific gene responsible for immunity found

Published: April 01, 2020

A study conducted on the laboratory worms by a team of scientists has led to the discovery of a gene type which is being viewed as a key factor in affecting several processes in humans including aging, resistance and immunity. According to www.reuters.com, a gene called DAF-16, which is found in worms and has a replica in humans and animals, has been found to be capable of fighting aging factors.

Apparently, researchers tested factors like immunity, longevity and stress resistance in about four different species of laboratory worms. Those species which had higher DAF-16 levels reported a considerably increased resistance for stress, longer life span and higher immunity. The research has been conducted by the researchers at the University of Birmingham.

As per www.thefreeliberary.com, a similar type of gene called FOXO gene is found in human beings which according to scientists is believed to play the same role in humans as DAF-16 does in worms and animals. Study has also revealed the strong bond between aging and resistance. Robin May, lead author of the study, University of Birmingham said “The fact that subtle differences in DAF-16 between species seem to have such an impact on aging and health is very interesting and may explain how differences in lifespan and related traits have arisen during evolution.”

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