Corey Haim died of pulmonary congestion

Published: March 14, 2020

A few days after his death, Corey Haim’s mother has spoken to Access Hollywood to outline the results of her son’s autopsy, which have not yet been made public. Judy Haim says the coroner called her to report his findings.

The coroner reportedly told her Corey had fluid in his lungs and an enlarged heart, and died of pulmonary congestion. In the days leading up to his death, Corey had presented several flu-like symptoms. Whether this is related to his death has yet to be confirmed.

That Corey had battled an addiction to prescription medication for years is a fact that has been reported by the media repeatedly. Whether the prescription drugs found in the apartment contributed to his death remains unknown for now, as the coroner is awaiting the toxicology reports.

Corey had reportedly previously been suffering from heart problems, his former fiancé Tiffany Shepis told PEOPLE. “Every time he would go to a doctor they’d tell him he had really bad arrhythmia, probably due to clogged arteries,” she said. “They all said he should have it taken care of. But, being from Canada, his insurance was there, so he never went and got it done.”

Read our complete coverage on Corey Haim‘s death.

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  1. [...] Shortly after the death of Corey Haim, his mom spoke to Access Hollywood where she talked about the results of her son’s autopsy, which isn’t public yet. Judy Haim said that the coroner called to report his findings to her, according to Celebrity’s with Diseases. [...]

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