David Arquette fights for Calif climate law

Published: October 20, 2020

Straight from his separation with Courtney Cox, quirky actor David Arquette has lent his celebrity weight to the campaign against a November ballot that would suspend California’s greenhouse gas emissions law.

The law, put in place in 2006, is there to encourage a statewide reduction in carbon emissions, bringing them back to the same levels as 1990 over the next decade.

In a one minute video called, “Don’t mess with California” Arquette is portrayed as the state of California, and dressed in an American-flag print kung-fu suit he proceeds to fend off the threat of thugs who represent Texan oil interests.

He visited Sacramento on Tuesday morning to promote the video and raise awareness of the campaign opposing Proposition 23.  Jared Ficker, head of the Green Technology Leadership Group said, “The spots will run on YouTube and other websites and are aimed at young voters who might not be won over by traditional campaign advertising.”

Ficker’s company are the brains behind the campaign and their action committee is also responsible for steering companies towards greener methods of energy use and production.

Oil companies have thrown a lot of money into supporting Proposition 23 which would see the 2006 law suspended and a potentially dangerous increase in greenhouse gas emissions from California.

Opponents of the law, known as AB 32 and set to be implemented in 2012, say it will cause unemployment and hurt smaller companies, however, Cleantech is a long term project which has projected the creation of 500,000 jobs in the next ten years - contradicting the spin from the oil companies.

Arquette is synonymous with the big screen but this is his first active foray into politics.  On the subject of his new mini-movie the 39 year old said, “It seemed like a great way to get the message across in a very intriguing way that young voters could tune into, start talking about, send to their friends, it’s all about getting people to the polls to vote for the future.”

He is not using the campaign as a distraction from his marriage troubles, “When I was told to come up here, that was a thought of mine,” he said, “but my belief is that the most important aspect of celebrity is you can raise awareness, lend your name and support to certain things and get people talking.  And that’s why I’m here.”

Click here to see Don’t mess with California

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