Republican Rep. Chris Lee resigns over craigslist scandal

Published: February 10, 2021

A Republican Rep. resigned yesterday after it was discovered he tried to meet a younger woman through a “craigslist” personals ad without his wife knowing.

Christopher Lee of New York (no, not the Hammer Horror Dracula or Count Dooku from Star Wars guy) resigned from his post on Wednesday when the news emerged he’d been trying to spark an illicit affair behind his wife’s back using only the internet and his ever faithful mobile phone camera.

That dome looks like a big tit.

After posing for what must have been hours to get the right shot (come on, we’ve all tried to find the perfect angle when nobody else is around – just look at Facebook profile pics), Lee posted a picture of himself tensing his muscles, holding his stomach in and pouting like a lipstick model. The young woman in question must have been really impressed.

Not learning from that lesson he posted a statement on his website (hopefully having changed his profile picture back first) which read as: “It has been a tremendous honour to serve the people of Western New York.”

“I regret the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff and my constituents. I deeply and sincerely apologize to them all. I have made profound mistakes and I promise to work as hard as I can to seek their forgiveness.”

The statement rounded off with “the challenges we face in Western New York and across the country are too serious for me to allow this distraction to continue, and so I am announcing that I have resigned my seat in Congress effective immediately.”

At around 6pm on Wednesday the House speaker told the floor that Lee had resigned as of 5pm and that the number of the House members decreased by one from 435 to 434. They didn’t even need a calculator to work that one out.

Lee is married and has a young son, and his behaviour highlights just how stupid people really can be. I despair at the idiocy of someone in his position who must know he’s under more scrutiny than the average Joe, and that putting something on the internet is like walking through the streets naked, smothered in baby oil with a big neon sign pointing to his backside saying, “come one and all.”

There can be no sympathy for him; he’s thrown his political career away, jeopardised his marriage and relationship with his son and all for what? The ‘excitement’ of doing something wrong behind his wife’s back? His online flirtations were nothing more than a boost to a fevered ego which has undoubtedly cost him dearly. What a fool.

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