Is Rebecca Gayheart smoking while pregnant?

Published: November 30, 2020

Actress Rebecca Gayheart has finally confirmed that she is pregnant after months of speculation. While the public watched her stomach grow, Gayheart and husband Eric Dane, kept mum about whether the actress was expecting their first child.

In an interview with InTouch,Gayheart said: “We’ve always wanted to be parents.

“I think Eric is going to be a wonderful dad, and hopefully I’ll be a good mom.

“We’re absolutely looking forward to it!”

Gayheart, who is famous for roles in movies like ‘Jawbreaker’ and ‘Urban Legend’, says she is enjoying her pregnancy and that she is being extremely healthy.

“I’m doing yoga, and I’m walking on the beach every day with my dogs for about an hour.

“I drink lots of water and eat a lot of vegetables and protein,” she said.

Bad tongues claim differently. Many media outlets have in recent weeks asked the question: ‘Is Rebecca Gayheart smoking while pregnant?’

In September, The Huffington Post published photos of the actress sporting what is assumed to be a baby bump (this is pre-confirmation), while at the same time sucking on a cigarette. Bearing in mind that it was only six weeks later that Gayheart confirmed her pregnancy, it’s pretty safe to assume that she was in fact smoking during pregnancy.

The fact that smoking is extremely harmful for babies is well known. Rebecca has faced controversy several times before in her life. In June 2001, Gayheart was involved in vehicular manslaughter when she struck a pedestrian who was jaywalking in Los Angeles. The nine-year-old child died from his injuries.

Then, in August of this year, a video appeared online of her and her husband Eric Dane (of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fame) drinking and getting high with Miss United States Kari Anne Peniche.

Everything aside, Gayheart claims she could not be happier at the moment. “I’m having a great, great time right now and loving my life,” she said.

Author: File photo, Canwest News Service

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  1. pregnancy los angeles

    11. Jun, 2010

    That is so great to hear they’re having kids soon. Eric and Rebecca are going to have such a gorgeous kids.

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  3. Judy T

    17. Aug, 2010

    I was doing a search for what not to eat while pregnant today and came across this post, Is Rebecca Gayheart smoking while pregnant? - Celebrities - Celebrities with diseases. Interesting to say the least.

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  4. Judy T

    17. Aug, 2010

    I came across this post, Is Rebecca Gayheart smoking while pregnant? - Celebrities - Celebrities with diseases while I was searching for what not to eat while pregnant and thought it was interesting and a little unique.

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