Michael Lohan is rushed to hospital

Published: March 07, 2020

Michael Lohan was taken to a hospital in Massachusetts after he reportedly complained of suffering from chest pains and pains down his left arm, indications there could be something seriously wrong with his heart.

Michael’s girlfriend Kate Major reportedly told RadarOnline that Michael, who is in Massachusetts to participate in a ‘Celebrity Boxing Federation’ fight against boxer Todd Poulton, failed he pre-fight physical.

“He had chest pains all day and pains down his left arm,” she told the gossip website, and added she was worried he might have a blood clot that would require a procedure to insert a stent.

RadarOnline has published an exclusive photo of Michael in the ambulance, with Kate by his side. Click here to see it.

Lindsay Lohan

Michael and Lindsay have a controversial, public relationship. Read our full coverage on Lindsay Lohan, including her battle with addictions.

Other celebrities with heart problems include Robin Williams and Bill Clinton.

Images: © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com, Lindsay Lohan image: PR Photos

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  1. Cayce

    14. Mar, 2010

    No wonder Lindsay Lohan’s stil acting up. She’s upset about her Dad. Plus Samantha Rollison is a bad influence on her. She was on the road to recovery until Samantha came along.

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  2. health forum

    13. Jul, 2010

    Michael Lohan is rushed to hospital - Celebrities … is a superb post, I found your site researching google for a related theme and came to this. I couldnt find to much alternative details on this piece of writing, so it was good to find this one.

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